This dresser project was developed during my residency on the UNIT(E) programme at Gallery 39 October 2018. I experimented with digital arts and film projected onto my Welsh dresser (the dresser being a metaphor of my body and home). The dresser featured three videos of my life which included monotonous tasks like washing dishes, putting dishes away and my coping mechanism ‘kitchen dancing’. This project was about being isolated at home, due to working from home, being a single mother and being a carer for other family members. It was a celebration of being able to have good times in difficult circumstances. Naturally this project was more of a personal nature.

Photograph Of Draw Video

Whole Final Installation Featuring All Three Videos

Dancing Video At The Bottom Of The Dresser

Testing Out The Video Monitor In The Dresser Draw

Installation Of Dresser (without sound)

Stacking Plates Video

Video Featured At Bottom Of Dresser

Giving Birth To Bart (Experimental)